Shri Vrinda Herbal Green Tea

190.00 150.00

Does not include added milk or sugar. For maximum benefits, enjoy green tea without milk and sugar. You can add a small quantity of honey to make it more enjoyable.
Ingredient : Pure Green tea

Not for Medicinal use

Each tea bag contains : 1.7g of infused green tea (when packed)
Each tea bag is packed in a airtight pouch to retain its refreshness.
Net Quantity : 20+5 tea bags.



Vrinda’s Herbal Green Tea is a natural herb for health, which is not only good for your digestion but also helps in reducing your weight. With every single sip you will feel the real pleasure. It comes with an infusion of natural ingredients. Its natural antioxidants and nutrients removes free radicals and toxins from the body, enhances its immunity and slows the ageing process. It helps in fighting against allergies, balancing hormones and reducing stress. It also helps in improving memory and fights off depression.


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