Shri Vrinda Ginger Green Tea


Does not include added milk or sugar. For maximum benefits, enjoy green tea without milk and sugar. You can add a small quantity of honey to make it more enjoyable.
Not for Medicinal use

Each tea bag contains : 1.7g of infused green tea (when packed)
Each tea bag is packed in a airtight pouch to retain its refreshness.
Net Quantity : 20+5 tea bags.

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Vrinda’s Ginger Green tea is a distinctive amalgamation of fine green tea and pungent ginger. They both have long history of use for culinary and medicinal purposes. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that make it an ideal remedy for muscle and joint problems. Ginger green tea is full of vitamins, minerals and amino acids which helps in restoring and improving blood circulation that may help in decreasing the chance of cardiovascular problems. The anti-oxidant rich green tea helps in reducing weight and improving metabolism while therapeutic ginger helps to sooth sore throat and provide relief from common cold.


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